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ActiveCell in the news: The Telegraph

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Recently James Cook, Special Correspondent and part of the Telegraph’s Tech Intelligence team spoke with Steve Hammond, our co-founder. They got together on Zoom to discuss the challenges of PPE, working with the NHS and how our app helps create bespoke face masks.

One of the key issues covered was how important a well-fitted mask is. If there is even the tiniest of gaps around the top, sides or bottom of a face it can be a huge problem from a safety perspective. A small gap is still a completely exposed hole which the virus will be able to get in or out through. The issue faced by a lot of PPE in use is it comes in a limited range of sizes so none of it will fit someone perfectly.

The app we have designed to solve this issue works by using an iPhone’s TrueDepth technology and cameras. Normally used for Face ID, these sensors measure the face of the person holding the phone and creates a 3D model of them. This is used to customise the shape of the face mask fitter to match the exact profile of their face and guarantee a perfect fit.

Lastly, what are ActiveCell’s plans for the future? With an initial NHS trial completed already completed successfully, a second and larger test is anticipated for later this year. The aim is to be able to provide a safe and comfortable face mask to everyone in the NHS. In the meantime, try your own face mask fitter using our app and read the full article here.


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