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PETG - Material Datasheet

Updated: Jan 19

Table of PETG properties

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a durable filament with good strength, when combined with glycol to produce PETG, the durability of the extruded material is increased.

PETG can be classed as an engineering grade plastic used for structural applications due to its medium strength properties.

PET/PETG has very good chemical resistance and It’s already used on thin water bottles, this allows it to be very good for food and medical grade parts and applications.

PETG is less brittle than PLA, meaning thin sections won’t easily break when a load is applied, giving the overall part some flexibility.

PETG is odourless and produces no toxic fumes when printed. Like PLA, PETG has little to no shrinkage when printing due to its excellent layer adhesion.

PETG is a material that can be classed as a middle ground between PLA and TPU, with its higher strength PLA but its added flexibility of TPU.

PETG filament also is available in clear and therefore transparent components can be printed.

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