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PLA - Material Datasheet

Updated: Jan 19

PLA property table

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the most commonly used filament in 3D printing. Although not useful for all industrial applications it is most suitable for rapid prototyping. PLA has a low glass transition point, it also has low strength and low durability.

However it’s low cost making it suitable for quick iterative design development. PLA is the easiest material to print with, with it’s low printing temperature combined with no blobs and stringing during printing allowing for good quality prints.

PLA produces the baseline for what can be 3D printed, if it can be printed in PLA, it can be replicated for other materials.

PLA is a brittle 3D printing material, and considerations need to be taken for wall thicknesses and small detailing, however with PLA there is minimal warping and shrinkage providing consistent dimensional accuracy.

PLA is classed as a non engineering plastic or standard material and should be used in non structural and non critical prototypes and end products.

PLA is not toxic and doesn’t release any fumes when printed with, the end product does not emit any odours.

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