• Jordan

The "Platform" goes live!

Updated: Jan 19

Over the past few months, customer needs have changed drastically. Every business has faced its own individual challenges, each requiring a rapid, tailor-made solution.

Upload a model using via our Platform and as little as five minutes and, we will get to work bringing your design to life and delivering it to you as quickly as possible.

Screenshot of the ActiveCell website platform with an example model

Creating Project Florence, a protective visor for key workers and the NHS, reminded us that rapid-fire prototyping is key to accelerating product development. It allows you to remove repeated review cycles from the process and prototype every design instead of being forced to choose a select few. This is why we provide an instant quote and deliver any part in five days or less. A comprehensive range of materials, colours, surface finishes and infill options allow you to create parts with the exact properties and appearance required.

Expectations from customers and clients are higher than ever so we apply a comprehensive quality control process to every part we send out to customers to make sure it is ready for review and use. For peace of mind, all designs are also secured to protect your intellectual property.

The ActiveCell Platform makes the process of submitting a design and ordering your part as quick and easy as possible. However, our professional staff are still on hand if you need additional support in bringing a complex idea to life.